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Past Programs

Here are some highlights of what we did previously.  As we're always developing new programs, these may or may not be conducted again.

To learn more about any of these specific workshops, drop us a line here.


This 3-day camp will introduce the wonders of the outer space to your child, through exciting hands-on projects such as stomp rockets, star gazers, solar system models, LED bracelets and air-powered pistols! Every creation is designed to  enhance your child's psycho-motor skills, at the same time have him/her learn about the science and math within.

All participants will also receive a completion certificate and souvenir at the end of Day 3.


Kids were taken on a whimsical journey of newly-recruited Botmakers, and experienced a roller-coaster ride of learning, bonding, frustrations and accomplishment. They created robots from scratch and take their creations home, learn to code the BBC Micro:bit (watch video) and solved problems through collaboration.

- Su Ann -

Damian really enjoyed the workshop and was sad he would have to wait a year to attend another. Thanks again!

In collaboration with Kidscode, this 3-day camp combined hands-on making with Microbit coding for maximum fun and entertainment!


Participants learnt to build a cardboard car, added wheels and devised various ways of powering their vehicles such as using a stretched rubber band or inflated balloon.  A final day challenge got kids into their competitive best as the teams attempted various challenges using a Microbit-powered remote control car.

Check out a participant's review here.

3D PRINTING Workshop

Kids learnt about the process of 3D printing, its benefits and limitations, and created virtual 3D models using a MIT-developed online software called Tinkercad. After mastering the basics, they were further guided on how to apply 3D printing in everyday problem-solving.

Check out a participant's review here.

My daughter Sherrie very much enjoyed her 3D Printing holiday workshop at MAKE. When we reached home she could not stop enthusing about how the items were made. The coaches Chee Wee and Jun Hui made learning fun! 

- Shaen Yeo -


How do we hear sound, what creates sound and what can sound do other than being heard? Kids explored these fascinating concepts and more in a fun-filled workshop, coupled with lots of hands-on making activities. 

Participants learnt to build various sound-detection and sound-activated devices, and learn how vibration and sound are closely related to each other.  They finally created vibration-powered 'Rumblebots' and raced each other for a heart-pounding finale!


Kids had so much fun building the various drop mechanisms, and learnt about energy storage and conversions along the way!

Besides building different gravity-activated drop mechanisms, participants also had to create meandering corners to prevent the marble from falling off. A final day challenge provided collaborative learning as teams had to build the longest drop which they certainly proved up to the task!

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